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Live-in Caregiver

I. Live-in Caregiver; Work Permit Application

This program meets the growing demand for personal caregivers in our society. An important requirement of the program is that employees must live in the employer's home. The Live-in Caregiver Program exists only because there is a shortage of Canadians or permanent residents to fill the need for live-in care work. However, the applicant must meet some language, educational and relevant experience criteria in order to be eligible to apply under this program.

This program consists of three stages:

  1. Obtaining a job offer from a qualified Canadian employer
  2. Obtaining the approval of the job offer from Canada? Human Resources Department
  3. Obtaining the work permit from the responsible visa office.

II. Live-in Caregiver; Permanent Residence Application

This program is for those work permit holders who were employed in Canada for two years or more as live-in caregivers. Under this program these caregivers are eligible to apply for the Canadian Permanent Resident Status from within Canada without leaving Canada.