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USA Green Card Program

Immigration to USA (Green Card)                          

1- EB-3 Green Card/Unskilled Worker for USA (very hot program):

This program is best for those applicants without knowledge of English, without higher education and without work or business experience here are the most important highlights of this program:

- It is a permanent US Green Card without any condition whatsoever (it is not a work visa, it is a direct Green Card program),
- No English, no Education, no work experience and no minimum assets needed,
- The best age is between 18 to 50
- The chance of approval is 90% even higher for applicant with younger age and lower education,
- Processing time between 1.5 to 2.5 years depending on security checks,
- The cost of this program is just a fraction of Business Immigration and varies depending on some factors,
- The applicant must pledge to work for the sponsoring employer at least for one year,
- The companies for now are in Virginia and North Carolina,
- It is the same for singles and families with children under 21 years old. Families with one or more child above 21 can have separate application(s) for the child(s).
- Payment is stage by stage and in case of refusal, only in some certain conditions, applicant may receive full or partial refund,
- The applicant and his/her dependent family members must be in good health without any criminal or security history.

Since the spots are limited and costs are rising , we urge the potential clients to act immediately to secure a spot before it is late.

2-EB-5 – Passive Investor Program:

It was a business program in the USA. In this program, the investor applicant invests at least $500,000 USD in an US government approved project for at least four years.

-No minimum assets required, only source of funds is needed which can be gift or sale of property.
-Expenses are around $75,000 USD
- It takes between 2 to 2.5 years,
-Green Card is conditional, once the investment period elapses (2 years after issuance of the conditional green card) the green card will be permanent and the applicant can return balance of his/her investment if wishes to discontinue.
-To begin with they need to fill up the questionnaire and if had a good chance we can send the contracts.
-Unmarried dependent family members such as spouse and children under 21 can be included in the application.

NGC Immigration will assist its clients to find the best projects with highest chance of success and highest return of investment. This part is extremely important because some projects may never meet the conditions for permanent green card or if they do, they may not have sufficient return of investment. Our outmost important goal is to match the client with projects with best history of meeting the requirement and full return of investment.