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EU Immigration & Citizenship by Investment:

Immigration Programs to Europe:

1-Latvia Immigration

Latvia Immigration - Get Permanent Residency in Latvia
Latvia is a Baltic country in the northern Europe. Latvia is also a Schengen member country which joined the European Union in 2004 and the currency in Latvia is Euro.


EU Schengen member country
Visa free travel to Schengen and other EU countries
Real Estate Investment
Low cost of living
Latvia offers a new residence program for investors and the residence program allows visa free travel in other European and Schengen countries.

We offer 2 packages for Latvia:

A. Latvia Business Immigration Package (EUR 80,000)
Get residency in Latvia through company investment (The investor will become a board member or similar to qualify for TRP). The total not refundable costs will be around EUR 80,000 and it takes 2-3 months to receive your Temporary Residence Permit (TRP). This is a special immigration option for people who can’t be in Latvia all the time. You still can get Permanent Residency (PRP) after 5 years. (or)

B. Latvia Real Estate Investment Package (EUR 250,000 + 5% state fee)
Just buy a real estate in the Latvia, you will receive a Temporary residence permit (TRP) in Latvia which is valid for 5 years. The total costs comes starting around EUR 280,000 for the real estate and about 3 months to receive the residence permit

Note: It is only possible to apply for Permanent Residency in Latvia, after 5 years of holding Temporary Residence Permit (TRP)
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The Latvia business immigration is the cheapest way to get residence permit in Europe. Now and for a short period you also can start with a test year for as little as € 27.000. For the golden business immigration option the total nonrefundable amount is € 80.000 and it will be payable in instalments. After 5 years we will file the permanent residency application for you. The minimum real estate investment is EUR 250,000 plus a 5 % State fee on the purchase price. You have to calculate a minimum of around € 280.000. Non-EU investors will be issued TRP `temporary residence permit` with annual renewal. You have to visit Latvia while renewing the permit, takes 7-10 days. The TRP residence permit issued is a biometric card (replaces visa sticker) allows visa free travel to all 25 Schengen countries and is allowed to stay 90 days in every 6 month period in Schengen countries. It is also issued to any family members accompanying with the investor. The temporary residence permit grants the investor right of free movement to other European countries in Schengen zone. The investor is free to leave the country anytime and is not required to stay permanently in Latvia. If the foreigner wants to apply for 'permanent residence permit' after 5 years, he/she must have continuously stayed in Latvia for 4 years and 2 months for the past 5 years. Exception is the business immigration option.

Latvia Citizenship and Passport

It is possible to apply for Latvia citizenship after 10 years of legal residence in Latvia.
We provide assistance in real estate, business immigration, residence, health insurance, accommodation and citizenship in Latvia. For more information on applicable fee and additional costs, please contact us or complete the below application.

2-Hungary Investor Program

Hungary is EU zone Schengen member country in Central Europe. Hungry has one of the hottest EU immigration programs for business investors.

Hungary has launched a new immigration program for investors. You can get fast Hungary Permanent Residence status (Temporary residence within only 2 months of applying and permanent residence 9 months later) if you invest EUR 300,000 in Government bonds for 5 years. The investment is guaranteed by government and will be fully returned after 5 years. In addition to investment amount, there are additional costs of around EUR 60,000. The total amount comes around 360,000 euros (approximately).

With the PR issued by Hungary, you can travel to all Schengen countries visa free. You can pullout the investment after 5 years; still you get to keep the PR in Hungary. Under this program the whole family becomes PR within a year and can become a citizen within 5 years (currently) but there is a rumor that this time might be reduced to about one year in exchange for extra payment. That will be an EU citizenship and passport with no language requirements and applicant/his family can live and work in any EU country as well. It is also worth to mention that the time an applicant needs to keep his/her PR status (residency obligation) is only one week per year during this five years. So Applicant can reside somewhere else and benefit from Hungary’s permanent resident status by residing there only 7 days per year (in many countries this time is more than 6 months per year).

3- Cyprus Citizenship / EU Passport program:

Cyprus is a full EU member state and a preferred destination for tourists, attracted beautiful beaches and lively entertainment. Cyprus enjoys tropical Mediterranean climate with about 300 days of sunshine per year.
Great friendly English speaking people
Favorable Taxation laws and incentives
Best holiday destination with great Entertainment and Nightlife
Excellent Transport & Telecommunication
High standard of Living
Popular Retirement and Holiday Destination
Minimum Investment
Cyprus citizenship and passport within 3-4 months, if you invest EUR 3 million in Real Estate (or) bank deposits
We only recommend 100% real estate investment in Cyprus, as bank deposits are not safe in Cyprus. Passport within 3-4 months of processing. After 3 years the investor is free to sell the real estate.
Cyprus passport allows visa free travel to over 150 countries worldwide.
No minimum residency requirement, that is the investor need not stay in Cyprus after receiving the passport.
Investor buys a real estate for at least 500,000 Euro from designated properties and pays around 390,000 Euro as government and legal fees.
The investor and his family become citizen in less than 4 months.
That is an EU citizenship and they can live and work in any EU country.
It is good for supper rich who want a secure and valuable passport in few months.
They can sell the property after 3 years.

4- Bulgaria Immigrant Investor Citizenship Program

Bulgaria is Balkan country in southeast of Europe, bordered by Romania, Turkey, Serbia and Greece. Bulgaria has an investor program which came into force in 2009, for foreign investors who invest significant amount of money in the economy of Bulgaria. In return a permanent residence permit issued and the person can live in Bulgaria for an indefinite period of time.
Bulgaria is likely expected to join the `Schengen` in the near future.
Low tax rates
Business Venture & Immigration
No restrictions on dual nationality
Affordable cost of living and low business costs
Affordable Real estate Investment

Under this investor citizenship program, minimum investment of 1 million BGN (approx EUR 500’000) which is to be invested in in a Bulgaria government bonds portfolio or in a business venture. The government bonds portfolio is a secure investment and is guaranteed by the Bulgarian government and is returned without any interest after 5 years. In return a permanent residence permit is issued to investors which allow them to stay in Bulgaria for an indefinite period of time.

The key here is the program exempts investors from physical residence and is free to leave the country anytime. It may take about 6-8 months to get the Bulgarian residence permit which is quick and faster compared to other countries.
After 5 years, the investor qualifies to apply for citizenship but the investor has to demonstrate that he/she has made a significant contribution to Bulgaria such as business activities creating jobs, sports, culture or bringing new science and technology to the country.

Bulgaria allows dual citizenship and has no restriction on it.
The minimum eligibility criteria and documents needed are..
Applicant should be a Non-EU citizen.
Application should have no criminal record
Minimum investment of 1 million BGN (approximately EUR 500’000 or more)
Proof for source of funds…..
NGC Immigration offers its clients with a financing option in which applicants can finance the bond from a financial institution by payment of the interests and fees upfront. Please contact us for further details.

5- Turkey Residency and Business Work permits:

Turkey is not an EU member, however, its dynamic economy, its geographical location, its warm and beautiful beaches and its proximity to Europe and Middle East makes it an ideal location for those who want to either live in a great and beautiful country or want to invest in its hot real estate and/or industry. Also Turkish passport will be visa-free to European Union with next 3 years.

We offer two types of services for Turkey:

A. Residency permit by purchasing a property for as low as $100,000 USD.

The permit can be renewed each year as long the investor keeps the property. There is no minimum residency obligation and children can attend Turkish schools and also enjoy many other benefits. Investors also can use the properties as vacation homes or rent them out. We assist from A to Z of buying to rent and obtaining residency permit.
This permit does not allow the investors to work and also does not lead to Permanent Residence status or Turkish citizenship. If applicants want to be able to work in Turkey and have an status that leads to Permanent Residency and Turkish citizenship and passport they must apply under the following program.

B- Corporate work permit package in which we establish a corporation for client in Turkey with a work permit where they can open bank account and do business with any country in the world.

They can bring their dependent families to Turkey and live there too. The minimum investment for work permit varies depending on type of business but if it is just a trading company with no tangible investment still can open it but no work permit.
The good news with work permit is that after 5 years they can apply for Turkish citizenship in which within 3 years from now its passport will be visa-free to Europe. Also their children can go to University like local children without paying extra. We recommend our work permit clients to also take advantage of investing in Turkish real estate and in doing so we offer them a promotional package combining both programs. Both Turkish programs are very cost effective and beneficial especially for citizens of Iran, Iraq, former Soviet republics as well as real estate investors and retired citizens from EU, Middle East, China and North America.